紧凑型Ender脚(任何4040/2x 2020)

Compact Ender Feet (any 4040 / 2x 2020)



Ok, here comes another Ender dampening feet. Main selling points:

  • compact (does not protrude)
  • reasonable height rise
  • clicks into feet
  • variable stiffness
  • compatible with anything made from the ender-style 40mm x 40mm aluminium extrusions

The feet come in multiple variants, each with a difference stifness. If the spring feet print too stiff or too springy, choose a different one. 5 is the sitffest, 10 the most springy. I am running 7 in PETG.

Regarding feet: If you do not buy into positive effects of dampening on your prints, the noise reduction is real. Especially if you have your printer on a table -- that amplifies the sound a lot.

Onshape link: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6e3493583011c19e37cf932e/w/586f02d205d85eb69d2740d8/e/a43b002dd65585564507f33c?renderMode=0&uiState=65c17c4f9db99706ea0f353f




Compact Ender Feet (any 4040 / 2x 2020)
by rkapl is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

紧凑型Ender脚(任何4040/2x 2020)